Request to Sell Equity Membership
Please complete this form if you wish to terminate your membership with MSTA and sell your equity to another party.

By submitting this form, you request that McLean Swimming and Tennis Association, Inc. (MSTA) sell your membership. You acknowledge by your confirmation below that this request authorizes MSTA to add this membership to any current list of memberships awaiting sale and to the current list of memberships awaiting rental.

You understand that MSTA sells and/or rents memberships in order of receipt as buyers and renters become available and that oldest requests are handled first. 

You may immediately sell this membership to any party who you refer directly to MSTA who successfully becomes an equity member. You understand that MSTA’s renting this membership while it is pending sale does not affect the timing of the sale.

You understand that until the membership is either sold or rented you remain obligated to pay membership fees and will receive billing notices from MSTA via email.

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