Request to Rent My Membership
As an accommodation to our members, MSTA allows members who may wish to be an "inactive" member for the 2019-2020 season to rent the rights to their membership to another party. Complete this form only if you will not use your membership for the 2019-2020 membership season and wish to rent your membership to another party.

Submission of this form is your acknowledgment that you wish to relinquish all rights to your membership, with the exception of voting privileges, for the 2019-2020 membership term. 

Your membership will be automatically rented in order of receipt and upon application of a successful rental member.  If you refer a successful rental member to the membership director your membership will be rented directly to that party, bypassing other memberships awaiting rental.

Until your membership is successfully rented, you are responsible for all membership dues and assessments.  It is possible that a successful rental member may not be identified until after May 1st. 

After your membership is successfully rented you will be dropped from the membership rolls of MSTA for the 2019-2020 membership season.
Please enter the letters you see in the image above